A cloud native framework for drop-in video conferencing

Case Study

Arbiter is an open-source framework for integrating real-time video conferencing into existing applications quickly and easily. Arbiter features a CLI that automates deployment to AWS, as well as a React SDK that allows for one-line, simple integration. Using Arbiter, a developer can integrate room-based conferencing that scales to meet user demand.

Arbiter is powered by a robust AWS infrastructure including ECS Clusters hosted on Fargate, as well as API and WebSocket Gateways with Lambda function Integrations.

Other Projects


A fullstack app built on a node.js that creates dyanamic endpoints to send HTTP requests and displays them dynamically.

Unit Builder

A RESTful app for users to create and share units and lessons with others with a secure login system and account registration. Built with ruby, sinatra, erb, PSQL, html, and css.

Todo Tracker

A RESTful todo-list tracker. Built with ruby, sinatra, erb, PSQL, jquery, html, and css.

Book Viewer

A flexible online reading app with a smart search feature. Built with ruby, sinatra, erb, PSQL, html, and css.